About us

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We are the Vocationeers! Our name is composed of “Vocatio” (Latin for vocation) and Engineers.

As appellate engineers, we advise and support sustainable careers, professional development and training in medicine and surgery. We are developing a new learning platform and innovative pedagogical concepts that allow training without much time and resources.

Contact us if you would like to design modern learning and professional development with us.

Our company was founded on 5.12.2018. Vocationeers GmbH is the platform used by founder Prof. Dr. Werner Korb to establish his ideas and experience as a professor for “Simulation and Ergonomics in Operative Medicine” on the market. We are in the process of helping to shape the medicine and training of the future. 

Professional development and personnel development are also subject to technological progress in a modern and technological world: digital training environments, augmented and virtual reality, serious gaming and blended learning are just some of the buzzwords. We help shape this world – both online and/or with the use of classic workshops. We take your training to a new level together with you by means of joint workshops and development or research projects.  In particular, we are interested in complex work environments, such as those related to surgery or medicine –where learning and training lead to a better and safer world. Get to know us!

It is our mission to make surgical training easy and measurable.

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