We produce tutorial videos – Down to the last detail!

We have made it our business to produce professional software tutorials for employees, customers or interested parties – video tutorials that leave no questions unanswered. If you have software in use in your company, then it always has one purpose: it should support you in the most diverse applications and activities in the company.

Nobody wants to use software!

…But everyone has to, should or wants to! Sophisticated software can only be a benefit for your company if it supports and facilitates instead of challenging and getting in the way. In the end, enormous time and financial resources are lost due to “poorly understood” software.
The video below shows a tutorial video that was produced for the in-house training software mySebastian.

Tutorial-Video: “Upload a new case video” / mySebastian 2021

Vorsprung durch Know-How — Your tailor-made tutorial series!

In addition to technical implementation, our strength lies above all in didactic-pedagogical consulting, which is based on decades of experience. Our unique approach helps you to release software-relevant knowledge from entrenched structures and transform it into optimal teaching material. We prepare your complex knowledge in the form of several short video clips.

Tutorial Reihe: mySebastian 2021

Rely on our established methodology

Kick-off workshop
Before we produce your educational videos, we take the time to understand the software application in depth. We have developed a special methodology to break down the logic behind any complex software application in a short time and then transform this knowledge into fully comprehensible teaching material.

Teaching and learning – step by step
People learn step by step. Only perfectly portioned teaching content can guarantee a quick learning effect. Therefore, we prepare the material to be trained in short video sequences (up to approx. 2 minutes). These video sequences are combined into learning modules (playlists).

Perfection from a single source
From video editing and copywriting to audio synchronisation and background music. We can implement the entire production until you are 100% satisfied. After the content has been worked out in the kick-off workshop, we produce the first storyboards, which we revise in an iterative process until you are completely satisfied. After the final approval, the text is recorded by our voice actors (German, English, other languages possible). Based on this, the video tutorials are produced.

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