Collaboration with surgical experts

We explore the latest concepts for surgical training and benchmarking together with surgical experts. First and foremost, as human factors specialists and engineers, we offer technologies and methods that enable benchmarking and process-based training during workshops, at conferences and as eLearning

The “Surgical Training in a World of Limited Resources” study was developed in tight collaboration with our international clinical partners from January 2019 to August 2019.

You can find an abstract here. If you are interested, we will gladly send you the entire study!

Sebastian, our surgical expert online platform, offers you the opportunity to present your clinical expertise at an unprecedented level in just a few clicks on your smartphone or iPhone:

  1. Online or in your own workshops and courses
  2. In-house or for anyone on an international level 
  3. Publicly or for the groups of users you have selected

Offer your expertise, workflows, knowledge and instructional videos via the Sebastian platform. We offer innovative technology, a platform for the digitisation of your data and – if required – didactic advice. Present your valuable materials and patient cases to a broad community in just a few minutes and with just a few clicks, or link your publication or case report with the workflows and videos within the Sebastian system.

Offers for hospitals 

We want to help change the training and benchmarking in surgery. As human factors specialists and engineers, we offer novel technologies and methods to enable your staff’s benchmarking and process-based training to be objective and employee-centric.

We offer you support in setting up and operating our training programs – especially in surgery. We are happy to help you with our software and consulting services if you would like to offer your training programs across departments or across groups, or are interested in exchanging your skills and knowledge at national or international level.

We are happy to develop and evaluate your “education products”, workshop offers and/or academies with you!

We offer you…

  • … the Sebastian online software platform for the exchange and benchmarking of your employees – doctors, surgeons and other medical professions.
  • … Further training and coaching offers on topics such as pedagogy, workflow-based training, benchmarking, personnel development and staff retention, etc.
  • … Research collaborations: we have experience in national and international funding projects, including ERASMUS and EU projects.

Become one of our partners as an early adopter or as part of the “Elite Club of Surgical Training”. If you are a proven surgical expert, or have expertise as a renowned hospital, please contact us.