Sensor Based Surgery Training –
Integrated system and Analytics (SeBaSTIAn)

mySebastian is an online tool for workshops and blended learning for surgeons that is currently being developed in the Sebastian research project. (Launch of the platform is beginning of 2020.)

Project objectives

  • Simplification of surgical training.
  • Blended Learning in surgery.
  • “Patient case”-based training.
  • Evaluation (benchmarking) of training success in surgery – 
    such as in aviation.
  • Valid assessment of surgical learning achievements.
  • Lifelong learning
  • Use of own surgical workflows.

We are not only developing mySebastian as a technical solution (digital online tool), but also pedagogical concepts (consulting, coaching, courses).

mySebastian is a …

… 24/7 active web platform 
for surgical experts,

hospitals and medical device providers …

… that drastically simplifies content management and course benchmarking. Ultimately, the developments in the SeBaSTIAn Project should form the basis for the standardisation of surgical training. Our platform works:

  • Clinic-based and individually.
  • Patient case-based
  • Workflow and process-oriented.
  • Modern and independent
  • based on the pedagogical feedback and/or benchmarking concepts
  • Online, virtual, eLearning and in classic workshop settings (simulation, anatomical preparations, etc.).

We would like to thank the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) for funding our research project.