Offers for manufacturers

We want to achieve a new sustainable training level in courses and workshops, for your products for example, together with you. We, as education specialists and engineers, can offer novel technologies and methods for benchmarking and blended learning – both objectively and independently.

We offer the planning, design and implementation of courses as well as online training. A special feature of our training offers is the provision of the Sebastian software platform for you and your faculty or clinical experts.

With Sebastian, it is also possible to provide training for your products and technologies with online training or webinars. We are happy to develop the appropriate concepts for blended learning with you – pedagogically and didactically too.

With Sebastian, it is possible to design and exchange the course contents with a few clicks in just minutes. We are developing benchmarking for participants and learning curve analytics. Compare if your product is fast and easy to learn. This improves the prevention of use errors and to do validation according to the “New MDR (Medical Device Regulation)”.

Join the “Elite Club of Surgical Training” with surgeons and hospitals or universities as a partner or early adopter. If you are interested in working with us or taking the training for your products or technologies to a new level, feel free to contact us. Please ask for our START workshop package.