Prof. Dr. Werner Korb

Werner is a computer scientist and human factors expert. He has been active in surgery and medical engineering for around 20 years, including at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, the Universities of Heidelberg and Leipzig, and the University of Applied Sciences Leipzig (HTWK). He researches and develops system designs for security-critical technologies as well as training and course programs for surgeons, including neurosurgery and spine surgery, as well as orthopaedics and trauma surgery. He is particularly interested in simulators and innovative learning worlds. He is the inventor of several surgical training simulators and patents – for example, the RealSpine system.

Werner has fulfilled a long-time dream of owning his own family business with the founding of Vocationeers, in which he can contribute and integrate his research results and vocational skills.

A detailed cv you can find here.

My vision is to change the training in medicine.

Prof. Dr. Werner korb

Software development

Dr. Karl Frank

Karl is the IT and software expert at Vocationeers. As a doctor of bioinformatics (University of Salzburg) and veteran scientist and post-doctoral researcher, Karl is very familiar with research and development in the life sciences. Karl is a researcher with heart and soul. He has been programming since his youth and has been working as a developer in the academic and private-economic environment for about 20 years. He is responsible for the design, research and development of the surgical training and learning platform at Vocationeers.

Customers do not want to use software. They want to solve their problems easily and efficiently.

Dr. Karl Frank


BSc. BEd. Philipp Gernerth Mautner Markhof

Philipp is our expert in education and training science at Vocationeers. As a graduate in sports and movement sciences, he is very familiar with the conception and assessment of workshops and curricula based on physical and manual skills. Philip is still just as inquisitive and curious as he’s always been, which is why he’s also pursuing training in music education. He is responsible for the research, development and design of professional learning processes and uses his creative musical talent and athleticism to complement his work. He has been a passionate inventor of educational concepts for surgery ever since he sat in on his first operating room surgeries and started working as a surgical course instructor.

We want to improve learning in healthcare with intelligent software systems.

BSc. BEd. Philipp Gernerth Mautner Markhof